page contents What is Backlinks and how to create quality backlinks

What is Backlinks and how to create qauality backlinks

What is Backlinks and how to create qauality backlinks
What is Backlinks and how to create qauality backlinks

Do you know about backlinks because it is very important to create backlinks to every blogger. Every blogger learn more and more everyday to become successful blogger.”What is Backlinks and how to create qauality backlinks” If they involve any new tool in their blog then gradually their blog or website will be famous. So that every internet user can visit their blog. Seo is one of the most  among of those tools. You can share your knlowledge with worldwide with this tool. When we talk about Seo then backlink is one of the most important aspect in seo.

Who are expert bloggers, they know about it. But who are new bloggers, they must have know about it. So today I’ll tell you about it that what is backlinks, how to create backlinks and what kind of backlinks. Which backlinks will help to your blog to rank up on google page.

What is backlink?

Backlink is a link that create a way of visitors from any website to your website. Mean When a website link connected with your website that is called backlink. As the word “Backlink” word indicate- first we go to another website to create link to bring visitors back to our website. Suppose that there is any popular website where a huge traffic come for reading the article in the page. If there is have any link of your website then your traffic will automatically will enhance. So your website will rankup on search engine it called backlinks.

Now you understood about backlink. Here are some terms and condition about that is very important to know. So lets go –

Link Juice: When the link of your web page or home page connected with another website’s article link. And traffic come with these link that is called juice link. These link juice help to rank up your and article  or keywords and it make better to domain authority.

Low Quality Backlinks:  When you create backlink on any spam site, porn site to get visitors that link called low quality backlinks. These type of backlink only loss to your website. So be care to use good website to high create high quality backlinks.

Gigh Quality backlinks:  High quality backlinks come from high ranking website. The value of these website is more in google. When your create a backlinks on popular site then the rank of your site will start to improve.