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What is Seo and its importance in blogging


Enhance the rank or our blog's keywords
What is Seo and its importance in bloging

Do you know what is seo? Today I’ll describe to the search engine optimization and we’ll know about its importance in blogging.”What is Seo and its importance in blogging”.”. Friends, in this tutorial I’ll tell you about this platform. That is best way to make money online.Without is our blog will never be success.It is backbone of any website or blog. Without seo we can not imagine to make money through blog. because it improve to our blog’s keywords ranking.

The full form of seo is Search Engine Optimization. As we already know that what is search engine. Form example google is one of the most popular search engine in the world. The addition of google, there are many search engine like bing, yahoo. We can rankup our blog or blog’s keywords on No.1 position in the search engine/s.

Seo help to our blog or blog’s keywords to rankup on first position. This is a technique help to our website to come in the search result of search engine. It increase the our website traffic or blog visitors. If your website is on the first rank then internet users visit your blog first. That improve the possiblity to increase the traffic. Seo is a one of the most imprtanct factor to increase organic traffic. So that our income will automatically improve.

                           Why is Seo is important to our blog?

You have just know what is seo. Lets go to know that how seo is important for website. We use the seo to bring our blog to internet users.Suppose that we have designed a good look website and also published high quality posts. But didn’t use seo then our website’post will never reach to internet users. So there is no any benefit to design our website. Without seo any user would not be able to find our website’s post keywords when he/she search any keywords related to that. Because neither Search engine would  be find our site nor store our content in search engine’s database. So that our the traffic of our website will not be increase.

It is not too difficult to understand  the seo. If you learn to it completely then you can make a better. And you can improve the value in search engine.When you use the seo in your blog then the result of ranking would not be come immediately. You have must to work patiently.

    Kind of seo Search Engine Optimization

Here is two kind of SEO – 1. Onpage SEO 2. Offpage SEO. Both works are different. lets go to know about both type of SEO.

On-Page Seo

It work in on blog means to design our website seo friendly.We ought to use template in our website and write good content following the rules of SEO. We must be know what is keyword planner and keyword research. Keywords would be use proper place on the page like Tittle, Meta description, content. So that search engine can be easily crawl your content that your topic is which related to. This type of seo help to your website to rank up your page on google page so that visitors will automatically enhance.

Off-Page SEO

The function of Off page seo is out of blog. In the Off page SEO we promote our blog. We create backlinks by commenting on other popular blog’s article and we submit our url or link. We should be create  our website’s attractive page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and increase our followers or friends/groups. So that it can be grow chance to gain visitors. Submit guest post on popular blogs so that their visitors can be reach to your blog.

I hope you totally understand to “What is Seo and its importance in blogging”. I hope it will be help you to rankup your keywords.







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