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Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017

Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017

Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017.  Youtube is a very good and free platform to make money online and became a popular youtuber. Every youtuber has this main dream to earn money online using youtube. They start their journey with uploading videos like prank, tech, educational, news, comedy, reviews.

Youtubers earning and popularity is depend upon views and subscribers. Every youtuber want to get more views and subscribers that is main tool to earning money on youtube. Every youtubers want to grow this both factor of their channel that is very important for youtube career. Here I’ll be tell you “Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017”. So lets go started-

Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017

1. Awesome Content

It is one of the most criteria to get fast youtube subscribers and views. So we should be create videos on unique topic with good quality. If your content is trust able and interested for viewers on specific topic. You are able to bring new videos on same topic then viewers will be trust on you. They will be subscribe to your youtube channel for further videos.

So we should not be upload any copy right videos because it is a punishable offence. Meanwhile your youtube channel will be suspend one day by youtube. So we should be expand our knowledge on same topic.  If you choose educational topic then you upload videos only educational or tech related videos. Avoid prank related or comedy related or any other topic. Because miscellaneous topic videos could confuse to our subscribers. Meanwhile they will unsubscribe  our youtube channel immediately.

So upload your videos on powerful topic. If your channel name is videos topic friendly. Then it will be helpful to your viewers to subscribe your channel. Ask to subscribe to your viewers to your youtube channel one time during your videos. Some viewers are new they don’t understand that what is subscription.

2. Continue Video Uploading

Fix your time to upload your video on your youtube channel on  specific date like daily, weekly or monthly. it is depend upon you. Becuase subscribers wait to your new uploading to watch your video. When you create a youtube channel that date is birth date of your youtube channel.

Remember some viewers or competitors subscribe to your channel, seeing your channel reputation.They choose small channel age and fast viewers and subscribers. So if you have no any idea about youtube.Firstly create 5-10 videos before create your youtube channel for your reputation.Later upload these videos one by one in sequence perid.

But don’t upload so hurry, edit your videos properly before upload. Join intros  make it by website. That is free of cost only need to register with your email address. As much as you research on your topic or keywords. You’ll be able to get more good idea about your content.

3. Social media sharing

If you want to more views and subscribers, you would be share your videos on your facebook fan page. If you haven’t still a fan page then create facebook fan page as the your youtube channel name. Share your videos on Whatsapp’s friends. If you want to search more whatsapp friends. You can download and install whatsapp friend finder android app that is free of cost.

Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017
Top 5 youtube tricks to get fast active subscribers and views 2017

To share your youtube video on whatsapp open your youtube app. Login your youtube with your email id and password. Now select your channel. Now click over the my videos then your all uploaded videos will be show. Click over the three dots in just right of every videos.

When you click over the three dots that is sharing points select whatsapp. Before make sure you have already downloaded and installed in your android phone.  Sharing points of all social media apps will be show that you have already installed in your phone. Like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, google+, twitter, instagramm, linkedin, email etc. If you have already social media fans and followers then you channel will be grow immediately.

    4. Attractive Thumbnail and Annotations

When you upload your videos on your channel, then youtube cut a snapshot from your video to set on your video. It would be ugly. So create a good thumbnail by using photoshop or paint tools to make a attractive photo or thumbnail. When it size must be 1280px wide and hight 720px. This photo or thumbnail tell to viewers or subscribers that what about you have tried teach through the video. So any viewers click over your video by seeing the good thumbnail of your videos.
Annotation is a youtube edit feature. The annotation, endscreen, or cards help to your video to share in other youtube videos. To reach to it login your youtube channel. Click over the creator studio. Now you are on your youtube home pag.

Click over the video manager. Then click over the edit button your selected video. The annotations, endscreen or card help to increase your watchtime. When viewers see the link of any other interested video the he/she click on it. then your another videos will start to play. But one among Annotation or endscreen you can use on your videos for desktop. And cards is use only for android phone it not work in desktop.

5. Call to Action

Some new visitors and viewers not know that what need to subscribe. They come on your video or channel see any one video and then go on another channel video on same topic. But they doesn’t subscribe our channel. So tell him to subscribe your youtube channel.

Tell him the importance the subscription that what is subscribe and how they can subscribe our channel. Subscribe mean if anybody subscribe our channel once and press the bell icon. Then our all new uploaded video will be send in their email box and channel notification automatically by youtube.


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