page contents Top 5 secret tools for youtubers that are very essential

Top 5 secret tools for youtubers

 Top 5 secret tools for youtubers

Top 5 secret tools for youtubers.  Youtube provide chance to all youtubers to start their career free of cost worldwide. Enumerable youtubers quit this journey with unsuccessfully.  Because they don’t know the total tools and right way of youtube career. These tools are very important and essential like how know the tags of any video. How know earning of any youtuber, how check the rank of any video’s tags, how edit our video. How record our screen with webcam, how to draw on screen during recording our computer screen etc. Top 5 secret tools for youtubers.  So lets go start with screen recording software that’s name is screencast-o-matic.

Top 5 secret tools for youtubers
Top 5 secret tools for youtubers

1. Screencast-o-matic

As we all youtubers know that without screen recording our youtube career is suffer with paralysis decease. So first of all dwonload and install to it with this address  When open this app it take some moment so wait for open.  It have to version first is free and second is pro with 15$ per year.  When you open this software with your shortcut icon on your screen. Then a new pop up will be open with three option – pro recorder, site licence and free recorder. Top 5 secret tools for youtubers.

So click over the free recorder option to next set up. Now you get interface of this software. Here are three option to record our screen only screen, webcam and Both. Maximum time is fix up 15 minutes of our recording length. Here are a option to customize screen into 480p, 720p, activate window and fullscreen. Narration is related to your microphone suppose that you are using desktop instead of laptop So you can connect by this option. Computer Audio is related to our computer video voice recording but it is provide in only in pro version.

Next option is preferences when you click over this then a new pop up will be open to set up some hotkeys, webcam big hotkey, coutdown etc.
When you click over the recording button then screen recording will be start, to stop recording again press over this timer option then your recording will be stop and new pop up window will be open to save your recroding file so click over the video file and next give the file name of your recording video and press over the publish when your video will be publish properly then it will be play in window play automatically.

2. Tubebuddy-

As the name of this tool is similar to youtube. This tool is most popular and useful for our youtube career. This tool is help us to find the important data from not only our youtube channel but of others too.This is a extention of google chrome. Top 5 secret tools for youtubers.  By this extension we can know the tag, earning, rank, social data, sharing and many other data.To add this extension in your google chrome click on the three dots in right top corner name customize and control google chrome.

Now go to setting option again click over the extension now scroll page click over the get more extensions in just below. Now type tubebuddy in the chrome web store and then again click over the add to chrome then it will be activate.

When you login your youtube channel then in the right top it will be appear as tb name as the menu.You can reply to the comment o directly your channel page by tubebuddy. We can set the thumbnail from our video in any duration. It extension provide to youtubers all tabs like dashboard, playlist, subscribers, comments, video topic planner, best time to publish, tag lists, tag explorer,analytics. But if you want to take most use from this extension then use the pro version of this extension.

3. Social blade-

This tool is a website as and free of cost and we can sign up with our email address. It youtube tool provide to youtuber the deep analytics data of any channel like daily earning, daily subscribers,channel type, country, channel starting date, total video views,uploads, total grade,subscriber rank,video view rank, social blade rank, estimated monthly earning, estimated yearly earning, similar channel.So to get this data go this website and type the name of any youtube channel in the search box and press over the search icon. It can be possible there would be many channel like your entered name so select the channel you want find analytics of.

4. ZoomIt

Top 5 secret tools for youtubers

When we record our computer screen for make tech video, then we need to indicate some important option with drawing on screen, on that time it software does very helpful. So first of all download and install it software. We can indicate by this software by different sign like arrow, zoom, circle, typing, break and we can customize hotkey for these signs.

After toggling ZoomIt you can zoom it with the mouse wheel or up and down arrow keys. Exit zoom mode with Escape or by pressing the right mouse button. Once zoomend, toggle mode by pressing the left mouse button. Erase the last entry with ctrl+z and all drawing by pressing E center the cursor with space bar. Exit drawing mode by pressing the right mouse button. Top 5 secret tools for youtubers.

Change the pen width by pressing left ctrl and using the mouse wheel or the up and down arrow keys. Change the pen color by entering drawing mode and typing R to red, G to green B to blue O to orange Y yellow or P for pink.
Draw a straight line by holding down the shift key. A  rectangle with the control key, an ellipse with the tab key, and arrow with shift+control.

Clear the screen for a sketch pad by typing w for white, k for black. Copy a zoomend screen with ctrl+c or save it by typing ctrl+s.
Once in drawing mode, type T to enter typing mode. Exit typing mode by pressing escape or the left mouse button. Use the mouse wheel or up and down arrow keys to change the font size. We can change the font of letter by click over the set font button.

5. Videopad video editor

Top 5 secret tools for youtubers

Without edit any video seems very ugly and uninteresting so we must use this powerful software. We can change original sound of video, video background, transition, audio effects, video effects. We can joint to different video in one video, we can add our video intro before our video. Without video editor software whether it is nch videopad or after effects or kroma key or any other software. Without edit our youtube career will be meaning less. Meanwhile viewers will not view our full duration video and not will be subscribe our channel.


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