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Top 5 best android apps for youtuber

Are you want to know top 5 best android apps for a youtuber then you are right searching. Android phone help you to enhance your youtube career with these best apps. Top 5 best android apps for youtuber. That are following-

1. Kine Master

As you know that if you create any type of video. Such as technology, prank, comedy, news or any type of video. We don’t like to upload to it video on youtube without music, intros, effects etc. This app is very useful for video editing but its some features. Such as video layering is doesn’t support in all android and smart phones. This kinemaster app work in at least 4.1.2 or properly work in 4.2 version. Its size is 41.52mb. So hurry up download and install it and take experience it.

Top 5 best android apps for youtuber
Top 5 best android apps for youtuber

2. Creator Studio

It app is related to youtube data like dashboard, videos, playlists, comment, analytics, youtube, setting, send feedback. First of all dashboard is related to watch time(minutes), views, subscribers, your estimated revenue. Videos tab included all videos that you have uploaded. Analytics has many criteria like overview revenue discovery, audience, interactive content. Playlist dashboard such as realtime views during 48 hours. average views duration, watch time from subscribers. And watch time from not subscribed, top videos.

3. SocialBlade

This app is very important to all youtubers. So download and install it in your android phone and open this app. Now click over the search tab. Type the name of your or any youtube channel, tap over search username option. Now you can see total subscribers of channel total views , grade of channel like A, B, C, D etc. This data will show on summary option. Now tape over the monthly option to find daily gained and lost subscribers of channel and daily total views. By this app you can know the competition data of your competitor channel. But competition should be positive now negative so start competition with other youtubers to enhance your this career motivation.

4. Draw on screen

We know, cursor indication is very important to make tech youtube channel. If you are a tech youtuber then you can take help by this app. As the name of this app define this app importance. So first of all download and install it then open to it.  When you open this app you’ll see a red color vertical menu bar on left side of your phone’s screen. Now if you want to draw any where on screen then scratch on your screen.

If you want to delete drawing. Then you can tap of delete option of menu bar it menu is toggle switch. If you want to drag your screen regarding to open any app. Then you can disable this drawing without close to this app. So click over the eye icon of vertical draw menu bar that is toggle switch. If you want to insert any shape like sphere, square etc then you can tap on top menu. To close tap over the arrow menu that is located in just down of menu bar.

5. Mobizen

We know screen recording of our android phone or desktop is very important specially for tech videos. Because tech knowledge is related to tips and tricks of our computer internet and android. So to give the live knowledge to our audience or subscribers mobizen help us with good performance. So first of all download and install to it in your android device. Now open to this app, size of this app is approximate 22mb.

When you’ll be open then it show three icon first icon of video. That is main option to capture to your device. So click over this icon and start to speak and drag to your screen. That you want to tell to your audience. When you tap on this icon then a time of recording will be start to show on this app. If you want to stop your recording then again tap on this m icon. Then your recording will be stop. Now a new pop up will be show with recommend you to delete, close and watch option.
Second option is related to other equivalent app to mobizen like call recorder etc. This option is camera icon to take a snapshot of your android or smart phone.


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