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Ptc sites

Ptc sites

Here are some ptc site from I earned the money more than 200 dollars. I want to show you many ptc site whis is very important to know for make money online. I want to say you the full form of PTC- paid to click.

  1. – This website is very popular to provide mini jobs. Its mini jobs are very simple like – like, subscribe comment and visit to website articles. You can sign up  by providing the email adress, your name,  your home adress then verify your mobile number. Your register email adress and verified mobile number must be your won. Because on the every payment time microworkers sent  pin to withdraw money. It is very important to your account name, adress and bank name, adress  must be same. If you didn’t verify you mobile number then you wouldn’t be submit any work. after complete this procedure you must be qualify admission test.

Your admission test accuracy would be more than 75% and your mini jobs success rate must be 75% and above. You must be complete 40 task within every 60 day.It give you two time payment in every week on every sunday and wednesday.

This admission test would be include and  English qulification. When you start to complete you mini jobs then it takes 1, 2, 3, 4 and other more days to satisfy by employers.

When you reached 9 dollars and fee varied different payment method. Then you can take payment into you local bank transfer, payoneer, paypal, skrill etc. Remember if you didn’t received pin on you home by post send by You should be take you first withdraw in your local bank transfer and payoneer.

But remember multiple account is not allowed on any vpn, same same and computer of mobile. Otherwise you account would be banned and you payment we never be withdraw by you. You can check my microworkers payment proof in this below image-

Ptc sites


This website is same as But in this website you no need very your mobile number verify and qualify to admission test. But payment rate is low than It payment is release only into your paypal account. You can see my rapidworkers ptc site account-


Ptc sites

Its transaction fee is 7.5%. Means when your balance is 10$ then you will be charged .75$ at time of withdraw. Its withdraw time is 2 hours to 24 hours.

  1. Neobux- I am sure every online workers or online money-maker know about Neobux. It is a ptc site its sign up and start to click is very simple. It give you free advertisement to see. Its payment rate is .001$. Although this ptc site give you 8-10 advertisement to click or see in starting. Gradually the number of advertisement increase.

Here is need to be patience. In starting you’ll be feel very disappointment in success. But If you invest a little of time and money then the success will kiss your feet. Here is not only one way to make money online by seeing advertisement but you can take refferal by using your youtube channel or blog traffic. You can take rental refferal from main balance or rental balance.

If you take rental balance then refferal give you 0.01$ per advertisement click. If you feel that any refferal is not give response then you can recycle to that.

Ptc sites

You can join the golden or ultimate membership by paying 90$ for a year. It increased you rental refferal earning a double. Although I didn’t earned money from this site. I earned only 6$ by Investing 6$  for refferals. But here are many neobux user whose permonth earning is more than 500$.